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Orhipean. The Country of Basque

Ganbara nº 7
/ Idioma Inglés
/ año 2006
/ 126 páginas
/ 300 ilustraciones
/ 40 fotografías

Translation: Margaret L. Bullen

This is the ideal introduction to the Basque Culture, painting in broad brush strokes a panoramic picture of the land which spreads out below Mount Orhi, with just enough detail to provide a vision of the Basque people, their customs, beliefs and way of life.

The title, “Orhipean”, expresses the sense of “beneath the Orhi” and here we have a view of the land which lies at the foot of the highest mountain in the Basque Country.

The subtitle captures the Basques’ own name for their land: Euskal Herria, which does indeed mean “the country of Basque”, the cradle of the Basque language, where Euskara was created and, resisting outside influences and savage attempts to eradicate it, has staunchly stood the test of time.

Immediately attractive in its presentation and lay out, it is beautifully illustrated with the author’s own paintings and choice of photographs which catch the eye and fire the imagination, adding colour and life to the picture Xamar is telling with words.

I am convinced that the English version of this book is perfect for tourists, students and armchair travellers who stumble upon the Basque Country and want to learn more about this fascinating corner of the world.

This is a book to keep, a book to give, a book to dip into, to savour and to come back to time and time again.

Margaret L. Bullen



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